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I am an Artist denoting reality.

In my works I am not looking for a new stream in the art, so as I am not looking for myself in this “problem” field. I define myself in the space of artistic culture. Culture, as we know, is a multidimensional concept. Our civilization has come to understanding of this phenomenon quite recently. Considering the ways of understanding culture, I shall primarily emphasize the concept of Leslie White (1900 – 1975) about neoevolutionism. Obviously, as an artist, I can’t subtly and thoroughly analyze the contribution of this scientist to the development of culture and culturology in particular, but I’m very, very inspired by his basic postulate of the energy evolution. For me, a very important fact is that the world can be seen not only in terms of mathematics or logic, or theological traditions, but in terms of the evolution of energy. There is the energy of the sun, water, wind. There is the energy of word or look. There is the energy of life. What is different and what is similar about them? Asking such questions, we, people of Judeo-Christian civilization, certainly take the path, paved by the Logos. But the Logos is not a separate part of the universe, He, like all others, is created by the impulse of thought which is impossible without participation of the energy. It is not so important where does the energy come from, but it is important that it exists! And it is evolving. The term “evolution”, which is so vulgarly tied to Ch. Darwin’s theory of human evolution, is actually one of the most advanced for the modern human generation. The evolution is a forefront of the Avant-garde. Having received the impulse of neoevolutionism in my art, I managed to take a fresh look at the method of creative self-expression. I felt a desire to speak the language of energy. Just letting through your body the flow of energy, you can express its existence. Representation of the energy’s reality in the form available to the body, and not the mind, became my present purpose. Continuing this undertaking I came to such a comprehensive concept as metaphysics. The energy helped me to take a different look at historic facts of human existence. So I realized that the entire Ancient world was a world of energetic perception of life. It was the energy concentrated in the artifacts of the past, which allowed these artifacts to overcome the time, keeping their meaning in life of future generations. It was the energy, but it is worth to mention – not all and not any energy. It was the energy of life, energy of culture. This energy has been always isolated from the general flow of the natural forces. This is a sacred energy, the energy that actually causes the change in people’s lives.


Konstantin Evmenev. Drawn verse. paper, ink, pen. 40 x 30 cm.

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